Phoenix Concrete Recycling Options

When you undergo a renovation project such as concrete repair or concrete restoration, you may end up with a lot of concrete rubble. Of course, you’ll have even more if you undergo a demolition for new construction.

Instead of junking all that concrete, you can put it to good use by recycling it. You can recycle the concrete into your own projects to help you save money, or you can make the concrete available for other projects. Both options are environmentally responsible since they reduce waste and lessen the demand for new materials.

Here are a few options for recycling concrete in Phoenix:

Crushed Concrete Aggregate

A new concrete mixture requires a certain ratio of aggregate to help it bind and make it stronger. Materials like gravel, stone and pebbles can be used for aggregate, but so can crushed concrete.

By crushing up concrete to make into aggregate, you reduce the demand for aggregate made from new materials. You also find a good use for that leftover concrete, no matter how small or large the pieces were, making them unusable for other projects. Aggregate is also a good use for concrete that was improperly poured or had other imperfections for the final product.


Gravel has a variety of uses. It can be used to “pave” driveways and small, residential roads. It can be laid down on a Phoenix construction site to provide traction. It can be spread over large areas to reduce or prevent erosion. It can be spread in a landscaping bed to improve drainage in the soil.

Gravel doesn’t always have to be made of high-quality stone. Crushed concrete can be used to fill in other materials in a gravel mixture, or it can be used in place of gravel. For example, crushed concrete is a good replacement for gravel in rain gardens that are designed to improve drainage. Crushed concrete can also be used in place of gravel as a base for patio pavers.

Using concrete like this can help reduce the cost of the project, as well as reduce your environmental impact.

Sub-Base for Asphalt or Concrete

A sub-base is created before laying asphalt or concrete in order to provide more stability over the bare soil. Without the sub-base, the asphalt or concrete could crack as the ground settles below it.

Crushed concrete is a good choice for a sub-layer. It is strong and provides a compact layer. Any size concrete can be crushed and used as the sub-layer.

Rip Rap

Larger chunks of concrete can be used as rip rap to help control erosion. Rip rap are medium to large stones that are placed on embankments and hills to prevent soil runoff. You most often see rip rap along drainage ditches and off ramps.
Used concrete can be broken down into appropriate-sized chunks for use as rip rap.

Wire Gabions

Wire gabions are used for everything from road construction to dam creation. These wire baskets contain chunks of concrete or stone to provide a solid base of support for construction or erosion control.

Recycled concrete is the perfect choice for wire gabions. The material inside these mesh baskets does not have to be high quality since it will be covered by dirt or building material. The only requirement is that the stuffing material is strong, which concrete is.

Recycling your concrete can help you be a better corporate citizen, as well as help you save money. Pride Development and Construction can help you explore all the options for recycling concrete from your renovation or new construction project in Phoenix. We are experts in concrete repair and concrete restoration, and we can help you strengthen your facility while also disposing of your concrete waste responsibly. You’ll save money and feel good about your environmental impact. Contact us today to learn more!

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Phoenix Concrete Recycling Options
Recycling concrete is just one of many ways to build greener.
Phoenix, Arizona
Written by Bob Jenkins