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    Year: 2018

    Best Residential Construction Company Near Me

    Best Residential Construction Company Near Me

    When you have a home improvement project, you need a general contractor who will get the job done right the first time, but where do you start? You could Google “where is the best residential construction company near me;” however, that could leave you with some questionable results. Instead, it is best to take the time to narrow down your selections to ensure your home is in good hands.

    1. Ask for Recommendations

    Ask your friends, neighbors, or family for recommendations regarding the companies they have used in the past. This will give you a short list of potential candidates.

    2. Qualifications and Experience

    Not all contractors are the same. Some will specialize in renovations while others can handle large-scale projects, like a custom home build. In addition, not all are bonded or licensed. Review each potential candidate to ensure they meet your expectations and your needs in terms of qualifications and services.

    3. Reviews and Testimonials

    Now, you can learn a lot about a company by taking the time to read online reviews and testimonials from past and current clients. Not only will you get first-hand insight into their quality of work, but also the customer service you can expect to receive.

    4. Before and After Pictures

    Review the company’s website to look for before and after pictures. Make sure they are of real projects and not stock photos. This will give you a good understanding of the results you can expect to receive to make the right choice.

    5. Receive an Estimate

    After you have narrowed down your list to one or two companies, request an estimate from each. When making your final decision, do not focus on the price. While one may be cheaper, it could cost you in the long run. They may take shortcuts or use low-quality materials. Instead, base your decision on their results and experience.

    Residential Construction Company Near Me

    Pride Development and Construction is a full-service residential construction company ready to serve you. Supported by more than 100 years of combined experience, we handle all your home renovation needs. We can also create the home of your dreams when needing a new build.

    Benefit from the best residential construction company. Contact us today for a no-obligation estimate.


    Top 4 Summer Remodels and Home Additions

    As you make plans to take vacations this summer, do not forget to take the time to invest in your home. The summer months are the perfect time to tackle the remodels or additions that you have always wanted to improve your living space. Not sure where to start? Here are some of the most popular home summer remodels.


    Your driveway does more than just promote curbside appeal. It is also a functional space for parking. Summer is the perfect time to redo your driveway because it allows the asphalt or cement to harden more slowly. As a result, you will end up with a flatter, smoother surface.

    Kitchen Upgrades

    If your kitchen is outdated or does not provide the function you want, summer is the perfect time to tackle the project. With ideal weather, you can cook outside on the grill and use disposable dishes so there is as little interruption as possible during the renovation.

    Room Addition

    Adding a room to your home increases your living space; however, it can take several weeks to complete. During this time, it can make parts of your home inaccessible and they may be exposed to the elements. Summer is the perfect time to add a room because you will not have to deal with chilly temperatures, wind, or rain.

    Decks and Patios

    Your can expand your living space into your yard with a custom-made patio or deck. In just a few short weeks, you will have a nice outdoor space to enjoy the warm summer weather for family gatherings or entertaining.

    Invest in Your Home with a Summer Remodel

    As you make plans for traveling, be sure that a summer remodel is at the top of your priority list. With the right construction team by your side, you will invest in your home and your comfort.

    Do you need a general contractor to help you with your summer remodels or additions? Pride Development and Construction can help. Request a no-obligation estimate today!

    Top 4 Summer Remodels and Home Additions
    Invest Your Tax Refund with Your Home Improvement Contractors in Arizona

    Invest Your Tax Refund with Your Home Improvement Contractors in Arizona

    Tax season is officially here! As you receive your refund check this year, why not put the extra money to good use? Invest in your home by making improvements that will increase its value while also enhancing your living space. Your home improvement contractors in Arizona will help you make the most of your tax refund with simple upgrades that pay off.

    Improve Curb Appeal

    The outside of your home provides the first impression for visitors and passerby’s. If the exterior is saying the wrong thing about the interior, consider installing more modern windows, a new front door, or redoing your stucco or siding.

    Give Your Ceiling a Facelift

    Ceilings are often one of the most overlooked areas of the home. If they are outdated, they can make a room feel drab and dull. To give a room a facelift, consider saying good-bye to your popcorn ceiling, install crown molding, or add recessed lighting fixtures.

    Revamp Your Flooring

    Hardwood floors are easy to maintain while adding elegance to your house. If you have carpet, laminate, or tile, give your home a makeover by adding custom hardwood floors. This upgrade alone has shown to return your investment as much as two times.

    Extend Your Outdoor Space

    Arizona is home to great weather all year. You can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors by adding a patio or deck to your home. Not only will you add more functional space to your house for entertaining, but you can see as much as a 120% return on your investment.

    Add a Splash of Flare

    Adding backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom is a great way to add new personality to a room while also increasing your home’s value. This simple upgrade is an inexpensive way to make a room pop.

    Invest in French Doors

    French doors are a great way to brighten a room while helping to bring outside into your home. Not only are they visually appealing, but they are also energy-efficient to help reduce heating and cooling costs.

    Invest in Your Home Today

    This year, do not let your tax refund go to waste. Invest it with your home improvement contractors in Arizona.

    If you are ready to transform your living space, Pride Development & Construction can help. Request a no obligation estimate today!