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Concrete is a strong and durable material that is an excellent choice for foundations or structural walls. Over time, your concrete foundation or walls may begin to crack. These may be hairline cracks, at first, but may become larger and deeper cracks, over time. Any kind of cracks threaten the structural integrity of your foundation or your operations facility.

Epoxy injection can be used to repair those cracks and restore the concrete’s strength to what it was before the cracks appeared. It provides an economical solution for restoring your concrete walls, slabs, columns, piers or floors.

Pride Development & Construction provides epoxy injection services for industrial clients to help them restore and protect their concrete structures. However, before epoxy injection can be applied to fix cracks, the source of the cracks must be identified. Otherwise, the issue will go untreated and will continue to cause more cracking in the future. Our expert technicians will analyze your structure to get to the root of the problem and will perform the necessary repairs. Then the epoxy injection can be applied to strengthen and restore your concrete.

Pride Development & Construction serves industrial clients in Phoenix, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Utah, and Colorado. We provide epoxy injection, as well as a full menu of other industrial building and repair services. Our technicians have the experience and the advanced training to get results for your company, whether you are a small business or run a large-scale operation. We guarantee our work, so you can hire us with confidence. Plus, we are backed by a quality reputation that was built through years of providing exceptional service and fine quality workmanship.

Call us today to find out how we can help your business create a stronger and more stable industrial operations base, helping to protect your employees and improve the efficiency of your business.

Industrial Services

We strive to provide the best product to our customers focusing on every detail until your project is finished.

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