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Tank Coatings

Storage tanks are among the most important equipment that your company owns. No matter if you are just storing water or something else such as flammable or toxic materials;oil or kerosene,for example. Your storage tanks must be strong and sturdy. Corrosion can lead to rust or a breakdown in the tank materials, which in turn can cause leaks that could be potentially disastrous.

Uncoated or insufficiently coated tanks compromise the content of the tanks, because the integrity of the container itself is compromised. Ensuing spills, damages and leaks can prove to be disastrous for the company, the environment and extremely pricey to repair.

Pride Development & Construction provides Phoenix tank coatings for the inside and outside of your storage tanks. No matter how large or small your tanks may be, and no matter what you’re storing inside, Pride Development & Construction has the tank coating solutions to meet your needs. Even better, PDC can repair your tank coatings, replace or install them without you having to halt operation of your business.

Introduction to Tank Coatings

Regardless of which industry you are in and whether your tanks are small or large, they probably contain something which is either valuable or dangerous. In order to prevent the content or the tank itself to become compromised your tank needs to have the appropriate tank lining or coating. Tank coatings are available for tanks containing harsh materials such as gas, fuel or chemicals as well as for water tanks and much more.

Benefits of Tank Coatings

Tank coatings are designed to protect the tank as well as its precious contents from damage, corruption, or corrosion. Harsh and dangerous chemicals are especially prone to damage the integrity of a tank and can lead to disastrous consequences should the tank start to leak. No matter if you have above ground or below ground storage tanks, we can help you to determine which tank coating is right for your steel or concrete tank as well as its content.

Our Experience

Pride Development & Construction is based in Phoenix, Arizona, but we serve companies throughout Arizona, as well as in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, California, and Texas. We have been in business since 1993, and we provide services to both small and large companies in a variety of industries. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the dedication to provide the services you need for your industrial operations.

Make sure that you keep your industrial storage tanks in top condition and protect the valuable contents inside. You’ll keep your investment safe, and you’ll protect the safety of your workers and the environment. It’s a small step that can have a big impact on your company.

Call Pride Development & Construction today to find out what tank coating solutions we can offer your business and how we can help you to protect your inventory and supply chain.

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