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High Performance Floor Coatings

The floors of your industrial or commercial operations facility can take a beating. They might be exposed to harsh chemicals, food waste or lawn materials like fertilizer or soil. Even if you don’t manufacture such materials, your floors are likely to be subject to heavy foot traffic and heavy equipment, such as forklifts. The chemicals and the movement can wear away the surface quickly, exposing the raw materials underneath and leaving it vulnerable to structural defects.

By applying high performance floor coatings, you can protect your facility and insure a longer life span for it. Pride Development & Construction specializes in applying high performance floor coatings for your industrial or commercial operations. Solutions includes high grade polymers and epoxy coatings, which create a hard and durable shell that is resistant to many materials and to heavy use. By applying high performance floor coatings, you can protect your floors without having to scale back your operations or taking special precautions.

High performance floor coatings are also available for residential settings. Applying them can be especially useful in high use areas, such as the kitchen or a deck or patio. High performance floor coatings can also be applied in apartment buildings and other multi-unit facilities where multiple tenants may move in and out in a short amount of time. The coatings can protect the floors to minimize the need for maintenance and concrete repairs.

Pride Development & Construction installs high performance floor coatings for residential, commercial or industrial facilities throughout Arizona. Our expert technicians have the experience and the training you need to get the flooring solutions to protect your property. Call us to find out how our more than 20 years of experience can help you. Our installers can evaluate your property and provide tailored recommendations to meet your needs.

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