Common Concrete Construction Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Concrete is a durable construction material so long as it is installed properly. When the right materials and techniques are used, including concrete reinforcement, concrete driveways and structures can last for many decades. With the proper upkeep and concrete restoration, concrete structures can last much longer.

Common Concrete Construction Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Here are a few common mistakes that you can avoid with the right concrete specialist.
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Learning about common concrete construction mistakes can help you avoid costly concrete repair and ensure that your structures last longer. Here are a few common mistakes that you can avoid with the right concrete specialist:

Wrong Mix

One of the most common reasons for early concrete failure is the use of the wrong mix. If there is too much water, too much concrete, or too much of some aggregate material, the mixture may not cure properly or it may not be strong enough to support the weight of a vehicle or of the building.
The mix also has to be calibrated for the humidity and temperature of the local climate. In Arizona, that means creating a mix that can stand up to extreme heats, which dominate most of the year.

Wrong Cure Time

Concrete cannot cure too quickly, or else it will become weakened. Yet if it doesn’t cure long enough, it can also become weak. The mixture affects how long the concrete needs to cure, as does the local climate. A concrete expert can help you understand the right mix and the right curing time for your particular project.

Improper Reinforcement

Concrete reinforcement is essential for the strength and integrity of any concrete structure, including smaller structures. Even sidewalks need reinforcement in the form of steel or plastic mesh. But larger structures like buildings need stronger concrete reinforcement.

Improper placement of reinforcement can also lead to problems. The reinforcement needs to be placed in the load-bearing sections of the concrete, preventing the need for concrete repair or restoration later.

Improper Site Preparation

Spotting and repairing Concrete Mistakes
Concrete reinforcement is worth nothing if the concrete is poured over a soft or unstable foundation. For example, a concrete driveway needs to be poured over soil that has been compacted and possibly reinforced with gravel or other aggregate. Otherwise, the ground can shift, causing the concrete the buckle or crack.

Part of proper site preparation includes making the right form and ensuring that it is set properly. The form provides support for the concrete while it is curing, and if the form moves or weakens, the concrete will also.

It is best to always work with a concrete expert to ensure the proper selection and placement of your concrete for strength and longevity. Pride Development and Construction has been building strong concrete structures for years, and we can provide the right solutions for your Phoenix home or business. We also provide concrete repair and concrete restoration for aging structures or those that were improperly constructed to begin with. We specialize in concrete reinforcement to strengthen your Phoenix building, and we offer a variety of solutions that meet the unique needs of your project. Contact us today to learn more.

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