The Importance of Fire Protective Coatings in Las Vegas

Importance of Fire Protective Coating in Las Vegas, NV
Most of us make our way throughout the day without giving much thought to the dangers of fire, unless we come face to face with it. At that point, it’s too late for preventative measures.

Most businesses have emergency fire evacuation plans in place along with fire extinguishers strategically placed throughout the building according to the requirements of the city codes. In spite of these precautions, there are nearly 3000 fire related deaths each year in the United States including the deaths of approximately 85 firefighters. Additionally there are approximately 13,000 fire related injuries and $7.5 billion in property damage caused by fires each year.

Fire prevention is especially important in Las Vegas Nevada since the area is prone to wildfires. In 2013 Nevada battled 2 massive wildfires at the same time, including a 25 square mile blaze near Las Vegas Nevada and a 30 square mile blaze southwest of Reno. It required nearly 1400 firefighters to bring these fires under control at an estimated cost of nearly $3 million. These catastrophic fires can start with something as small as a discarded match or cigarette.

There is another step that can be taken in an effort to prevent fire related injuries and deaths; that of applying fire protective coatings to a structure. Proper application of the fire protective coating can slow or stop the spread of fire giving employees extra time to escape. By applying fire protective coatings you can protect the infrastructure as the coating will insulate the steel to prevent the temperature reaching the point when structural failure becomes likely, possibly trapping those inside.

One of the fire protective coatings most commonly used on steel is an intumescent coating that has the appearance of ordinary paint, however when a fire begins to raise the temperature the intumescent fire protective coating reacts by expanding up to 100 times its original thickness and becomes an insulating coating.

There are numerous fire protective coatings on the market today that are rated to provide anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes of protection against fire, allowing that much time to evacuate the building before structural failure becomes imminent. When properly applied, fire protective coatings can save both lives and property. To be certain that you are getting the best fire protective coating for your structure and materials it’s wise to hire an expert to choose the correct formulation for your needs.

Pride Development and Construction is the company you can trust to formulate and apply the best fire protective coatings. We use only highly trained technicians and supply technical training, certification and continuing education to provide our customers with high quality services. Because we do business the right way, we have very little turnover of employees, which means our customers reap the benefits of highly experienced technicians.

We also educate our technicians on the importance of safety, both yours and theirs. Because of this we are pleased to announce that we have never had a safety violation throughout our 20 years of being in business.

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