Sandblasting vs Water-blasting

Sandblasting vs Water-blasting

In the industry of industrial construction, maintenance, and repair there are quite a few techniques that can be used to shape and form the oft rigid substance known as concrete. That’s why Pride Development & Construction felt that it would be important to discuss and distinguished two very similar, yet still unique, industrial contracted services offered by PDC. Throughout the Four Corner states and the Las Vegas area, PDC has been contracted to both sandblasting and water-blasting. Each have their unique advantages, though they are seemingly very similar.



Sandblasting vs Water-blasting
Is Sandblasting better?
Phoenix, Arizona

The reason sandblasting came to be was because of the inadequacies of pressure washing general sanding’s ineffective power. Hence, sandblasting. The curious thing about sandblasting is that it doesn’t necessarily require sand to be used to bring results. In truth, abrasive materials or any sort can be mixed with water or air which is then power blasted at the surface needing to be cleaned or sanded. So if your Phoenix industrial building needs this method done, PDC has mastered this process and can easily identify when sandblasting is in fact the best solution for your building’s needs. Whether the building needs to be smoothed, needs to be blasted to show more texture, or even completely reshape the targeted surface altogether. Sandblasting truly is a multifaceted service that PDC offers its Phoenix, New Mexico, and Utah clients. The industrial uses of sandblasting can reinforce a deteriorating concrete wall, transform natural and unnatural constructs that might be blocking a Phoenician earthen reconstruction project, or work somewhat like epoxy…only on the industrial floors.



Sandblasting vs Water-blasting
Is Water-blasting better?
Phoenix, Arizona

Though sandblasting does offer a more “final” touches to an industrial project in a city like Phoenix. Water-blasting could very well be equated to the hammer that lowers the boom before sandblasting can rework it into a more polished industrial construct. Water-blasting is often used to a very high pressure to “blast” away substances like concrete, large rocks, bricks, and even cinderblocks. Infact, water-blasting has very little to do with washing or cleaning an industrial surface. Instead, it plays a very large part in reconstructing and renovating large industrial buildings or facilities. Water-blasting jets can weaken and ultimately wash off concrete casings around something like a steel girder, break down dilapidated brick walls, and ultimately is an integral part in the demolition process of a facility needed renovation,

Of course, both of these contractual services through Pride Development & Construction carry their own importance and functionality with your Phoenix industrial job, or any industrial job for that matter in the Southwest. So how would you know which one your job needs? The answer is PDC will know. The professional and extremely experienced staff at PDC can identify the opportunities of your building’s reconstruction and which service would work best. If not both of them in varying roles! Either way, trust the experts at Pride Development & Construction. It has always been their goal and will continue to be the consummate professional industrial contractor who strive in every job with only the highest quality of work and costs that ensure your building can stay on budget.

And even if sand and water blasting isn’t what your facility needs, Pride Development & Construction will still work to help your project. PDC provides a range of services to suit your industrial needs, PDC has the experience of serving both large and small businesses. We have the advanced training to get the results you need, no matter how big or small the job.

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