Foam Injection vs Epoxy Injection


Though it may seem like foam injections and epoxy injections are similar, they’re actually quite different. They each have unique uses for your Phoenix industrial concrete repairs and reinforcement needs. That’s why we’re going to take a look at the two services and discuss their differences. So when you need one of these services from Pride Development & Construction, you can be confident knowing that your Phoenix industrial building is receiving the correct injection service.

Foam Injection

To start, the foam injection service from PDC is truly a versatile product. We have often worked with many Phoenix businesses to apply it as additional insulation to their facility or storage centers. We have also used foam injections as a way to make basins or containers that can hold manufacturing chemicals, or water, or any other liquid runoff. Foam injection is malleable and can really be used to mold any number of industrial parts to aid in the manufacturing or industrial business processes. The reason PDC offers this foam injections is because of its versatility and efficiency for Phoenix industry. The whole process is able to eliminate extra steps often needed like die-cutting and compression molding. Foam injection manufactures the foam and the durable products simultaneously. Many Phoenix businesses have see positive results from using foam injection applied by PDC. We take pride in offering only the best services that are cost effective and, even more importantly, highly durable.

Epoxy Injection

Now we come to epoxy injection for Phoenix industrial and commercial buildings. At Pride Development & Construction we have been doing concrete repair and other concrete related maintenance for over 20 years. That’s why we would be remiss if we didn’t mention one of our core services for Phoenix concrete repair. It’s very well know that as concrete ages it naturally begins to weaken. This process results in cracks and an overall undermining of your building’s structural integrity. At PDC, we serve all the Phoenix, as well as the Southwest U.S., buildings that have concrete that’s aging and crumbling.

Epoxy injection is a concrete repair method that is used to fill cracks or fissures in your facility’s concrete walls, foundation, pillars and much more. But in order to use the epoxy injection, PDC’s specialists must find the original source of the cracking. Just like you would in trying to get rid of ants, where you’d want to find the anthill, the same is true for splitting concrete. The cracking won’t stop without the source being fixed. But that’s why you can trust your concrete repair partners at PDC. Our concrete specialists will locate the source, fix it, and then fill the cracks with epoxy injections. Once PDC is able to use the epoxy injection for your concrete, you can rest assured that your building’s concrete has been restored to its original integrity and strength.

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Foam Injection vs Epoxy Injection
Find out what is better to use for your building. Epoxy Injections, or Foam Injections.
Phoenix, Arizona
Written by Bob Jenkins