Commercial Remodeling Contractors for LEED Building

Nowadays, everyone is concerned about becoming more environmentally-friendly. Now, commercial spaces are conducting large renovations to achieve an LEED certification to reduce energy consumption while increasing their bottom lines. Often, it is believed that only new builds can achieve an LEED certification, but this is not the case. Commercial remodeling contractors are paving the way for commercial and industrial spaces to embrace green building.

Benefit from LEED Building

Commercial spaces use a significant amount of energy and resources, which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. In the United States, buildings account for nearly 40% of the national CO2 emissions, which is one reason businesses are renovating to include green building practices. LEED-certified buildings have as much as 34% lower CO2 emissions, while consuming 25% less energy and 11% less water. Not to mention, as much as 80 million tons of waste are kept out of landfills.

This produces a significant cost-savings for commercial and industrial businesses of all sizes. With a reduced impact on the environment, you increase your bottom line while becoming an innovator in the community by reducing your footprint on the environment.

Green building involves using sustainable construction through a process that is environmentally and resource efficient throughout the building’s lifecycle. By doing so, you will achieve an LEED certification by meeting the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system. You do not need a new build to accomplish this. Instead, hire commercial remodeling contractors that specialize in green building, like Pride Development & Construction.

Green Construction and Renovations

To help you achieve your LEED certification, we use eco-friendly materials and designs that are readily available. Although green building standards can be strict, we are leaders in our craft to ensure your successful compliance. When renovating an existing commercial space, we will help you reduce your environmental impact through tested and proven green construction practices.

If you are ready to step into the future with green building for your LEED certification, choose the trusted commercial remodeling contractors. Contact Pride Development & Construction today.


Written by Alyssa Ast

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