General Contractor in Nevada Features the Top 7 Home Renovations to Invest in Your Home

Throughout Nevada, it is a seller’s market. The biggest challenge homebuyers face is finding the perfect home due to decreased inventory and affordability. As a homeowner, whether you are ready to sell or not, you can increase your home’s prospects with simple home renovations. As a general contractor in Nevada, Pride Development and Construction helps homeowners make improvements to make their houses to make them more accommodating and appealing to potential buyers. With these top 7 renovations, you will ensure you have a positive return on your investment.

Top Home Renovations

  1. Kitchen

If your kitchen is more than 15 years old, it is time for an upgrade. New cabinetry, flooring, and modern appliances will produce a higher return when it comes time to sell.

  1. Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is the most sought feature by homebuyers. By removing walls, it will add significant value and space to your home.

  1. Interior Painting

This is a quick and inexpensive means to freshen and update your home. You will recoup the loss when it comes time to sell by changing the outlook of a room.

  1. Updated Lighting Fixtures

Lighting makes a room cozy and welcoming. Enhanced lighting will make your home more inviting to potential homebuyers down the road.

  1. New Entry Door

A new steel door not only adds security to your home but increases your home’s value. It improves the curb appeal while increasing your home’s value the amount you invest into the new door.

  1. New Flooring

New hardwood flooring or carpet is essential for home management while also promoting the resale factor. It is a project that will pay for itself as you revamp the look of a room.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Making your home more energy efficient with upgraded appliances, LED lights and a tank-less water heater will reduce your energy costs while you continue to live in the home. It will also be a main appeal factor for potential homebuyers.

General Contractor in Nevada for Renovations

When updating your home, you may be tempted to tackle the projects on your own, but if they are not done correctly, it will lower the resale value of your home. It is best to leave it to the professionals to receive a positive return on your investment. Contact Pride Development and Construction today to transform your home.


Written by Alyssa Ast

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