Home Contractors in Colorado Feature Top Bathroom Remodel Investments for Design and Safety

Bathroom renovations continue to be among the leading home remodel investments in 2017. To truly transform the space, home contractors in Colorado discuss the top bathroom remodel trends. Now, the focus is not only on enhancing the function and design, but the safety of the room as well. With more than 21 million bathroom-related injuries occurring each year, you will make your home safer while also promoting the resale value.

Top Bathroom Remodels

Now, you do not have to compromise safety with the appearance and function of the room. Simple upgrades allow you to get the best of both worlds.

Flooring: Slip-resistant floors are a must-have for making the entire family safer while also adding to the visual appeal.

Showers: Easy-access showers that have a low threshold and ample space are must-haves. With a curbless shower, you add a modern look while enjoying accessibility features.

Lever-Style Faucets: Sinks, tubs, and showers can easily be transformed with lever-style faucets. The easy to grab and turn levers are the new go-to style.

Lighting: New lighting fixtures add character to the room while also keeping it bright. Now, you can ditch standard lighting fixtures by replacing them with more modern options with LED bulbs for energy efficiency.

Ample Storage: Declutter your bathroom by adding permanent storage features, like wall cabinets or a custom storage tower. You will keep the room free from obstacles while enhancing its function.

Simple Features: Now, homeowners are turning to opening their bathroom spaces by eliminating awkward designs. Removing walls for separate toilets or eliminating multiple counters simplifies the room without compromising its appeal.

Your Home Contractors in Colorado for Bathroom Remodels

As the design trends continue to change for bathroom remodels, the demand for renovations continues to remain steady. To invest in the resale value of your home and your family’s safety, Pride Development and Construction can help. Contact your trusted home contractors in Colorado today.


Written by Alyssa Ast