Residential Remodeling Contractors Lead the Way for Aging-In-Home Renovations

Home renovations in 2017 continue to skyrocket with an estimated growth of 2% per year through 2025. Residential remodeling contractors, like Pride Development & Construction, are helping to fill the demand for home remodeling as aging-in-place remodels are in an upward swing. Renovations for those 55 years and older are increasing to make homes more accommodating. In fact, according to a NAHB survey, 80% of construction companies are helping homeowners in this age bracket stay in their home by making it more accessible.

Aging-in-Place Renovations

HomeAdvisor reports that six out of ten Americans over the age of 55 plan to stay in their home as they reach their Golden Years. To do so, their home must be updated to become safer and more accessible as they age. Among the largest renovations include kitchens and bathrooms. According to the National Association of Home Builders, kitchen renovations were the most popular remodeling project in 2016. A recent survey by the Remodeling Market index found that 81% of remodel projects involved the kitchen while another 80% involved bathrooms.

With kitchens and bathrooms the main areas of the home where injuries to the elderly occur, the updates are vital to keeping the aging population in their homes. In fact, the National Kitchen & Bathroom Association found that the majority of the changes made to homes involved safety and health amenities, such as no-threshold showers, shower seats, and comfort-height toilets.

Residential Remodeling Contractors

At Pride Development & Construction, we believe homes should be safe, accessible, and functional for everyone. If you have made the choice to spend your retirement in the comfort of your home, we are residential remodeling contractors who look forward to helping you make your house meet your needs.

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Written by Alyssa Ast

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