Caring for Your New Mexico Aging Mine

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Caring for Your New Mexico Aging Mine
In this blog, learn how Pride Development & Construction can help you to maintain and restore your Aging Mine.
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An aging industrial mine is a ticking time bomb. Aging pillars can weaken and eventually crack or crumble, allowing for a part of the roof or the entire mine shaft to collapse. Not only can such an accident lead to severe injuries (or even fatalities) for your crew, but it can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage (or more).

Conducting the right maintenance for your aging New Mexico mine is essential to protecting your facility and the safety of your workers. Proactive measures can also ensure that there is no disruption to your industrial mining services. Here are a few things you can do:

Reinforce Concrete Structures

Concrete columns, walls and ceilings are common in mines since they are strong and typically last a long time. However, if they are not well cared for or are left exposed to the elements, concrete structures can wear down more quickly.

Reinforcing concrete structures with carbon fiber, steel rebar and other materials will help to protect your industrial mining operations from tragedy. You can prevent premature decay, and you will extend the life of your mine.

Repair and Replace Concrete Structures

If concrete structures in your New Mexico mine have already begun to decay, reinforcement will be like putting a Band-Aid on a hemorrhage. It will provide a temporary solution, but it won’t last for long. Instead, you’ll need to repair concrete structures or replace those that are beyond repair.

Critical structures include concrete supports like columns or struts, platforms that support industrial equipment, ceilings and floors. Repairing holes or cracks can help restore these structures. If that is not possible, it is essential to replace them.

Add Coatings

Industrial mining operations involve a number of chemicals and a water supply. Affordable tank coatings can protect the tanks that hold these supplies, as well as the surrounding structures. For example, intumescent and fire retardant or fire protective coatings can be placed on tanks that hold flammable chemicals. Structural steel coatings or tank coatings can be placed on other units that store corrosive chemicals.

Coatings will prevent the wear of structures that hold large volumes of water or chemicals, and they will reduce the risk of safety hazards, such as fires.

An aging mine can be a big risk to your investment, as well as to the safety of your workers and residents who live near the mine. It is absolutely essential that you take proactive steps to protect your mine.

Pride Development & Construction offers a range of services for New Mexico mines. Tank coatings, fire protective coatings, structural steel coatings and more are ideal for mining tanks. Our technicians are experts in concrete placement and repair, and our menu of services includes concrete cutting, carbon fiber reinforcement, structural retrofitting, and concrete coatings. We can recommend the right services for your industrial mining operations, ensuring that your facility is strong and protected. You’ll be able to repair and rehabilitate your aging mine to ensure its safety and productivity for many more decades to come.

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