5 Exciting Ideas for Your Living Room Home Renovation in Phoenix

Your living room is the focal point of your home where your family spends the most time together. However, if the room is outdated, small, or is not functional, it can really compromise its enjoyment. You can transform the space to meet your needs while creating the perfect environment for evenings with the family or weekend gatherings with friends. Not sure where to start? Pride Development and Construction as 5 amazing ideas for your living room home renovation in Phoenix.

Create an Open Floor Plan

If you feel boxed in and secluded, make your living room feel open and welcoming by removing unnecessary walls. Now, spacious rooms with fewer walls are more popular than ever when it comes to socializing, enhancing natural lighting, and promoting the overall ambiance of the home.

Improved Function with Built-In Storage

Does your room feel cluttered? Adding build-in storage, like bookshelves and cabinets, not only improves the function of the room, but its appearance as well. With custom-made cabinets and shelving, they will blend in seamlessly with the home to create a clean, modern look while gaining added storage space.

Enhance Your Lighting

If the room is dark and dull, you will not want to spend a lot of time in it. By enhancing its lighting, it creates a warmer, welcoming feeling. You can do this by adding new or larger windows to let in more natural light, or update your fixtures for a modern approach.

Cozy Fireplaces

Phoenix is already known for its heat, but adding a fireplace can be an excellent addition. Not only will it help with heating costs during the winter, but it also creates a cozy space for family game nights or in-home date nights. If you have an existing fireplace, say good-bye to the brickwork with a more contemporary look.

Revamp Your Doors

If you have a doorway leading to the room or out of it to an outdoor space, give the doorways a makeover. Get rid of the sliding door with French Doors or add privacy to the room by installing double doors.

Living Room Home Renovation in Phoenix

Although you are not currently satisfied with your room, it can seem like a monumental task to transform the space. At Pride Development and Construction, we take the headache and hassle out of your living room home renovation in Phoenix. Contact us today to discuss your home remodeling ideas for your living room.

Written by Alyssa Ast