Top Updates to Make to Your New Mexico Industrial Mining Operations

Top Updates to Make to Your New Mexico Industrial Mining Operations

Top Updates to Make to Your New Mexico Industrial Mining OperationsIndustrial mining operations often deal with heavy loads, extremely powerful equipment and highly toxic and corrosive materials. It is absolutely essential that the operations base and all its facilities are kept maintained and updated so that they are always structurally sound. Any breakdowns can lead to catastrophic results that can threaten the safety of people and the environment.

Ongoing maintenance is essential to making sure that your New Mexico industrial mining operations are as safe as they can be. However, it is worth considering these top updates as they address common problems for industrial mining operations:

Ceiling Support

Over time, the ceiling of your industrial mining operations can sag or show cracks. This can happen because of water damage, exposure to extreme heat or chemicals, or simply the burden of very heavy weights over time. Even heavy duty materials like reinforced concrete can begin to crack or to sag.

Adding ceiling support helps to restore the ceiling and make it structurally sound. Methods for adding this support vary based on the material of the original ceiling and what problems it is experiencing. However, adding reinforcements and a fresh layer of concrete are common methods.

Structural Column Repairs

Structural columns help to provide support to the ceiling to prevent sagging and other damage. They can also support the floor above it, which could be holding heavy equipment or essential supplies. Ensuring strong structural columns is essential to the health of your industrial mining operations.

Like ceiling support, the methodology used for structural column repairs will depend on the type of materials used and the damages present. Adding reinforcements and rebuilding the column through this addition of fresh materials, such as concrete, are common.

Tank Coatings

In your industrial mining operations, you probably store a lot of chemicals and other supplies, including water. The tanks you use to store these materials can break down through exposure to chemicals or as a result of aging. Tank coatings help to protect your New Mexico tanks from rusting or corroding, which can lead to leaks that can cost you a lot of money or pose a threat to health. Tank coatings also add a layer of insulation, which can help protect your inventory and reduce your utility costs. Tank coatings can (and should be) used on tanks of any size and holding any type of material.

New Mexico has a thriving industrial mining base. Pride Development & Construction offers industrial mining services you need to keep your industrial mining operations safe and at peak efficiency, helping you to remain competitive in this marketplace. We serve industrial clients throughout New Mexico, and we offer a wide selection of services. In addition to ceiling support, structural column repair and tank coatings, we also offer such essential services as water and sand blasting, concrete cutting, concrete restoration, retrofitting, tank rehabilitation, and lead or asbestos abatement, among others. We can help you set up your industrial mining operations in New Mexico or keep them maintained to protect your investment and your employees.

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