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Colorado Construction Services

Pride Development is a full service General Contractor servicing the state of Colorado. We handle every job, big and small and pride in our work is our trademark.

Some of our services include:

  • Concrete dam repair
  • Sand blasting
  • Industrial restoration
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement
  • Concrete repair
  • Fire protective coatings
  • Mining industrial services

Whatever the need is, we can give you an individualized estimate and assessment.

Colorado Industrial Services

Concrete deterioration is a problem, especially here in Colorado due to extreme weather. We can do a variety of long term concrete repair solutions including epoxy pressure injections for crack repairs and crack sealing and filling.

Epoxy injection is a permanent structural preservation process. It not only fills up the cracks but also welds them together so that they are stronger than the initial concrete. It is a very effective method and is extremely important to be done very well as done wrong, you will not have fixed the problem, and it may not be visible easily.

Here at Pride Development & Construction, we are trained in carbon fiber repairs, which is an innovation in construction over recent years. Concrete foundations can be repaired using carbon fiber, which was never before feasible.

Carbon fiber technology has its roots in aerospace science. Composite construction materials enable us to build, retrofit and repair physical structures to 100 percent safety standards so the structure can withstand high load bearing capacity, specialized construction, major and minor repairs as well as terrorism protection from bombs or other threats and more.

Pride Development & Construction can handle your Colorado industrial or residential construction needs. We will bring in subcontractors that are qualified, fully checked out and reliable. We stand by our work and everything we do, so that we can bring the best quality to our clients. of long-term concrete repair utilizing the most effective procedures available.

Commercial Contracting Services

If you are a building owner and need repairs done on the building, we can do it. Regardless of your location in Colorado – from Fort Collins to Pueblo as well as Grand Junction and beyond – Pride Development & Construction can help.

Many older buildings require structural reinforcement and structural repairs. This can be caused by a structure that has been built upon soil that is expanding or contracting or it can be caused by improper maintenance of the ground around the building or other reasons.

Regardless of why, a foundation that is settling can be dangerous and needs to be repaired.

Pride Development can solve this problem and stabilize the failing foundation. We have industrial contractors who are very experienced and can get your job done efficiently, safely and cost effectively with zero compromise to quality.

Our Service Areas

We strive to provide the best product to our customers focusing on every detail until your project is finished.

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