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Dam Repair Services

Expert Concrete Dam Repair and Restoration Services for Industrial Utah Clients Dam Repair is one of our specialties and we at Pride are well aware of the tremendous benefits dams provide to the society. We know that in addition to their very clear benefits, dams also present potential public safety concerns. A dam failure can cause deaths, economic crises and untold damage to the environment. Dams are vital to the infrastructure of the nation from providing clean drinking water to protecting areas from flood not to mention renewable hydroelectric power, navigation, irrigation and recreation. These very important daily benefits are also unfortunately connected to potential consequences in the case of a dam failure. Utah has dozens of vital dams all over the state. Pride Development is a trusted company that can provide needed concrete dam repairs.

Mining Services

With mining being the number one industry in Utah, it is very important to have a general contractor who knows and understands the construction needs of the mining industry. From the stone and gravel used to build roads and lay foundations for homes and buildings, to coal and uranium that generates more than half of the electricity for the entire country, to copper wires that are an essential component of all computers connecting the world, our lives are dependent upon mining more than any of us realize. Pride Construction specializes in supporting the mining companies of Utah by being the provider of heavy industrial contracting that they will need to do their jobs.This includes us handling the construction of important mining structures and expanding as well as repairing existing mining facilities.

Industrial Sandblasting Services

Another specialized service that Pride Development and Construction provides is industrial sandblasting services. We can do sandblast cleaning to thoroughly, quickly and safely remove heavy amounts of debris or rust from surfaces. We use industrial sandblasters and can reach all areas of your facilities. Depending on the exact specifications of your particular sandblasting project, we can use various grit compositions and can handle any size job. Industrial sandblasting services are excellent for public utilities, mining equipment, paper plants, food plants and more. Pride Development has the capability of handling any shape or size structure and can eliminate industrial soils prior to protective coatings being applied, another one of our specialty services. Sandblasting can be used for high pressure steam piping, boiler tubes, steam headers and more. Fully contained dust free sandblasting can be done and can save your industrial space today. Pride Development also does fire protective coatings, carbon fiber reinforcement as well as structural strengthening and repairs and more.

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Your Utah business needs a strong infrastructure to be successful. As an industrial business, your needs are greater than that of the average commercial business. You may work with heavy equipment, heavy-duty materials and corrosive chemicals.  You need a building and storage facilities that are able to withstand high pressures and are resistant to corrosion, fire and other potential mishaps.

Pride Development and Construction serves industrial and commercial businesses throughout Utah to meet these special needs. We can help you oversee your new construction project, or we can help you to remodel and reinforce your existing facilities. We can help you repair or reinforce your concrete structures through the use of shot crete, carbon fiber, retrofitting and more. We can use sand and waterblasting to repair and renovate structures, and we can reinforce or repair concrete with epoxy and foam injection. We have multiple options depending on your needs.

Pride Development and Construction provides a variety of liners and protective coatings for your tanks, floors and other surfaces to reduce the risk of fire and corrosion. When you are working with chemicals or with large amounts of liquids, these liners and coatings are essential to ensuring the safety of your workplace for both your employees and your contractors.

No matter what type of business you are in, we have the solutions to meet your needs. Talk with one of our knowledgeable technicians to explore the options that would be best for your business. We can help you get the functionality you need from your space, as well as support the structural integrity of your infrastructure and make your facilities safer for everyone. No job is too big or too small. We can help you with a small, isolated project, or we can look at building or renovating a whole new space.

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