The Disastrous Effects of Failing Tank Coatings in Phoenix

Tank coatings provide an essential protective measure for your industrial tanks. They help to prevent corrosion of the tanks, which can not only threaten the purity of what’s inside but can also lead to a leak. When your tanks fail, you can lose valuable commodities and face extensive repair bills. Failing tanks can also cause extensive damage to your property, the environment and people who are unlucky enough to be in the vicinity.

Here are a few of the disastrous effects that failing tank coatings can have:

The Environment

Many industrial tanks contain oil, gas and caustic chemicals. Even if these tanks develop a slow leak, these dangerous chemicals can seep into the soil or the water supply, causing damage to the environment that may take years and years to reverse. Even if the tank only holds water, a slow leak can offset the pressure needed in the tank, causing the tank to burst and to flood the local environment.

Oil and other flammable chemicals can also lead to a fire, which can devastate local forest lands and can dump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Accidents like these can lead to acid rain and other climate issues.


Some of the most enduring images from oil tanker spills over the ocean are of fish and birds trapped in a lake of black fluid and slowly suffocating. While there aren’t any oceans in Arizona, tank spills can still be devastating to the local animal population. The chemicals can poison animals or destroy their food supply. Even seemingly harmless water spills can wipe out local habitats and food supplies, forcing the animals out of their homes or causing them to die.

Spills can also cause long-term harm that is not readily apparent. For example, if a spill destroys a food source, it may take some time before the animal population is reduced by significant numbers. Exposure to chemicals can also cause long-term illness in animals, just like it does in people.


All the damage that tank spills can do the environment and to animals will significantly impact the people in the area. The chemicals can taint the water supply, they can destroy local crops, and they can damage the soil and undermine the fertility of the land.
Don't let industrial tank coatings fail
Chemical exposure can put people at risk for illness and disease, such as lung disease and cancer.

Protecting your tanks is the best way to protect people and to minimize the risk to your business. Pride Development and Construction provides all types of tank coatings, including structural steel coatings, secondary containment coatings, fire protective coatings, and more. We will evaluate your tank and recommend the best coatings based on its materials, the type of supplies it will hold, its age and other factors. By investing in tank coatings, you will reduce the risk of corrosion and other damage that can lead to a potentially catastrophic accident. Call us today to learn about solutions for your Arizona business.

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