Eco-Friendly Aspects of Arizona Tank Coatings

Eco-Friendly Aspects of Arizona Tank Coatings

Every choice you make in your business can have an impact on the environment. The raw materials you choose to make your products, the machinery you use to make them and the tools and materials you use in the construction of your building can all have a significant impact on the demand for new resources and can result in waste products or emissions that can affect the local water and soil supply or contribute to greenhouse gases and climate change.

Being more conscientious about your business choices can help you to be a more responsible corporate citizen and reduce your impact on the environment — both in Arizona and the world. Choosing tank coatings is one small way you can make your storage facilities more eco-friendly.

Here are a couple of ways that tank coatings are an environmentally conscious choice:

Help Prevent Catastrophic Spills

The primary purpose of tank coatings is to provide a layer of protection for industrial storage tanks. They prevent corrosion that can cause the tanks to leak or to break down. Should the tank coatings fail and the tanks become damaged, they can leak or spill out all their contents.

Many industrial operations store toxic chemicals in these tanks, so a spill could pump hundreds of thousands of hazardous materials into the environment. Those chemicals could threaten the local water supply, poison the soil, or harm local wildlife.

Some spills can cause fires that wipe out local forest lands or dump greenhouse gases into the environment, contributing to climate change.

Cleaning up these spills can cost millions of dollars and may still not correct all the damage that has been done. It may take hundreds of years for the local environment to recover from the effects of a major spill.

Reduce the Demand for New Materials

Arizona Tank coatings can protect the health of the tank so that you don’t have to buy new tanks as frequently and increase the demand for new materials. By ensuring a consistent application of tank coatings, you can prolong the life of your tanks. You may have to repair the tanks over time, but repairing them uses much less resources than replacing them.

Simply reducing your consumption of new materials can help reduce the carbon footprint of your Arizona business. Choosing the right tank coatings is one way to do that, and when you include them in part of a larger strategy that identifies ways to reduce demand, you can make your business a lean, green eco-machine.

Pride Development and Construction in Arizona provides a variety of tank coatings to meet the needs of all types of applications. We have coatings that can withstand even the most toxic chemicals, and we have coatings that are suitable for both concrete and steel. No matter what your business needs, we have a coatings solution to meet them. Call us today to learn more about our tank coatings and our industrial services. We provide everything from floor coatings to concrete placement.

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Tank linings are a great solution to protect not only your investment but also the environment.
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