Top 5 Signs that Your Tank Coatings may be Failing

Top 5 Signs That Your Arizona Tank Coatings May Be Failing

Top 5 Signs That Your Arizona Tank Coatings May Be Failing
Tank coatings can start to fail with time, so it is important to watch out for the signs and to get a new coating before any serious damage can occur!
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Tank coatings are like armor for your industrial tanks. They provide an extra layer of protection that prevents corrosion and other damage to the tank, which could cause it to leak or to experience more serious damage. Tank coatings should be considered an essential investment for your Arizona business, not only to protect your capital investment but also to protect the health and safety of your workers and customers.

Tank coatings can start to fail with time, so it is important to watch out for the signs and to get a new coating before any serious damage can occur. Here are the top five signs that your tank coatings may be failing:

1. Permeation Damage

Your tanks should keep the materials you want inside and the elements you don’t want out. They should provide a strong barrier that protects the integrity of the chemicals, water or even food supplies you are storing inside the tanks.

When materials are able to start passing through the surface, you may have permeation damage. You may notice a layer of condensation on the tank, or you may notice that water has gotten inside the tank or that fluid is starting to drip slowly from the outside.

The microscopic rifts in the tank’s surface may not be visible with the naked eye, but they are allowing material to pass through. This can happen when your tank coatings fail and allow the surface of the tank itself to be damaged.

2. Brittleness

A sure sign that your tank is damaged and the coatings are no longer protecting it is that the surface has become brittle. The damage may not be as obvious as holes in the surface. You may notice that the surface metal is flaking off, or a portion of the tank may break easily if something bumps into it.

By the time you notice brittleness, you might not be able to just get a new tank coating. You may have to replace the entire tank. However, discovering this issue early is important since it can help you replace the tank before serious damage occurs.

3. Swelling or Softening of Tank Walls

Permeation can weaken the walls of your storage tanks. The metal can become soft, and it can warp. You may notice that the metal feels more malleable to the touch, or that it easily pushes in. You may even notice a pronounced bend to the sides of the walls as they swell.

Again, these may be signs that your tank needs to be replaced, but they are serious issues that need to be addressed.

4. Cracks, Spots and Discoloration

Cracks in your tank can lead to leaks, which can cause rust spots and other discoloration. Tank coatings can help prevent these issues and protect the overall integrity of the tank. You need to ensure that the coatings are being re-applied at the appropriate intervals to prevent these types of issues.

5. Degradation of corners and Sides

Not all tanks are cylindrical. Some have hard corners on the sides. Even cylindrical tanks have hard corners at the top and bottom. When your tank coatings start to fail, you may notice that these corners and sides have started to degrade. There may be rust, discoloration, brittleness or other signs of damage. Again, applying tank coatings at the right intervals can help to prevent this and other damage to your tanks.

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